At a recent youth camp, that I was speaking on, I delivered a couple of “prophetic words.” That is, messages I felt were from God.
One of the youth in attendance asked me, “How do you know you are hearing from God?”
It’s a good question isn’t it? She wasn’t the first person to ask me this question.
I often get asked, how do you hear from God? Maybe you are even asking that question now.
Well, just the other day, cruising at 35,000 feet from Los Angeles to Cleveland, I delivered another prophetic word / word of knowledge to a fellow passenger.
Right after the experience, I wrote down all that happened, so that others might learn from my experience and so that I might have an example to point people too, along with some lessons to learn for all of us.
Here is what happened:
I was on a flight, reading my book, listening to music, minding my own business. I notice a girl to the left of me.
She was watching a Disney movie with a red head “princess” in it, I think it’s called Brave. I kept reading my book.
I looked back at her, and I get the thought, “she is more beautiful than any other girl on this flight.” In actuality she was a very “plain” looking person, the thought seemed odd. I then got another thought, “She’s a Christian who needs encouragement.” Once again, she wasn’t wearing a Christian T-shirt or anything, another odd thought. Then, “You should encourage her. She’s like the character in her film, incredibly brave, beautiful and strong” The next five minutes involved me thinking of opening liners and my knee shaking continuously.
I turned to her, “Are you from Cleveland? (where we were headed).”
She said, “Only recently”.
I said, “I’ve never been there.”
She said, “Where are you from?”
I said “Australia but I live in LA with my wife and son” (it pays to slip that in early!).
I said, “A bit random, but are you a Christian? A person of faith?”
She said “Yes.”
I said, “Well I was just sitting there reading my book and listening to my music and I felt I should encourage you, that you are like that character in your movie, brave and strong. Romans 8 says that nothing can separate us from the love of God and you are a true warrior.”
She looked flustered and said, “That’s funny because this is my favorite movie and that is my favorite character!”
I said “Well that’s it.”
We made some more small talk and then I went back to my book.So what lessons could you learn from this encounter?Let me help you.
1. The thoughts were not everyday “normal” thoughts. They somewhat came to me and interrupted me. This is often the case with the prophetic. You think a thought that you don’t really understand the origin of and it “sits” with you. At this point you need to test it with Scripture (is it uplifting, Biblical etc.) You also need to ask God if it’s just for you or to be shared.
Jesus knew people’s thoughts but didn’t always share them. It was as if the discernment was only for Him or for others other than the one he was receiving knowledge or prophetic revelation on.

2. Secondly, I used a natural conversation, to bring in a supernatural topic. A character in a movie. Jesus when sitting with the Samaritan woman used a well and some water. You don’t need to start screaming- “FIRE!!” to share Gods truth with someone. You don’t even have to say (unless God directs) words like “prophecy” and “revelation”. Try to be somewhat natural and then allow God to bring in the supernatural.

3. I was nervous and scared. That’s the truth, it’s never easy because it’s personal.

4. I looked to see any signs of the word “clicking” with my new friend. Had she said she wasn’t a Christian… I may have stopped right there (not because of her faith, but because this was part of the word I got). The more affirmation I got from her the more confident I felt I was on the right track. Sometimes learning to hear Gods message and then deliver it, is like learning to recognize and articulate a new language. I’m trying to learn Cantonese atm and when I practice with my friends who speak Cantonese sometimes they look at me blankly… It doesn’t mean I should give up Cantonese, it just may mean I need to go over the material again and see if and how I may have miss heard the initial phrase. It can be the same with prophecy. Also, when my friends do look at me and I can see it sinks in, then I know I’m getting the initial word right, and it will give me greater confidence when learning and sharing phrases in the future.

5. I prayed. In this case I prayed silently in my seat. Other times I’ve prayed out loud like this, “God if that was you, please let it sink in and bear fruit. If not may it make no sense and be forgotten.”

I hope this helps you as you seek to share Him.


2 thoughts on “Prophecy at 35,000 feet: A birds eye view on “words of knowledge”.

  1. This is really a practical and straightforward explanation of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. Thoughts that interrupt the flow of your “normal thoughts.” And of course what you were saying to her was backed up by Scripture, and not in conflict.

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