Before you begin, this blog makes more sense… If you read the one before…

On day 2 I was ready to get on the next flight home…. However, just one sleep later, and my world is a different story.

What was the difference that made the difference?

I chose to spend time with God, and intentionally look to Him in the new day.

I woke up and put some worship music on while I had a shower.

Then it was a short drive down the freeway for my first meeting of the day.

I caught up with my friend Jon, a Pastor in Hollywood and we spent time together encouraging each other, and praying for each other. I intentionally asked him. “How can I pray for you and your ministry?” Although I have so much going on in my world at the moment, I find taking my eyes off myself is one of the best ways to get refocused and back on track.

Then I raced off to speak at a Christian School in “the Valley” and was so encouraged by the staff and students, and given the tears and the smiles and the note taking by the kids, I’d say they were too.

Afterwards, my friend Justin and I hiked up a hill. We made sure that we stopped at the top long enough to marvel at God’s creation, and his enormity. The view of the city, just beyond the hawks circling above some deer, with the sun setting ahead, helped me to remind myself that God is so much bigger and greater than I, and he has a different view of my situations than I do.

Then to eat a feast with my friend and Pastor, Sunoko and get to know him and his family and their vision for their church, and how I can serve them in this.

Then a Skype with my bride, and my day was complete.

What a day! Wow, God is amazing.

Am I still scared and a little fearful!? Yes! However, I am also excited and expectant and trusting my God.

It’s amazing what a moment with God can do to change you and your world view.
He is the ultimate in trading my problems for His solutions.

If you are discouraged, frustrated, and having a bad day, bring your problems to the God who gives us second chances, and brand new days, and choose to have a better day tomorrow, by Gods grace.

Isaiah 51:3 and Proverbs 16:9


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