With the internet, podcasts, DVDs, and books, I have to ask the question, why am I sitting in an airport lounge going to another Conference?

When podcasts are free and you can pause them to take a call, when I am guaranteed to get my favourite speaker by searching their name on google, and when I can pick up a book for cheaper than an airline tickets I have to ask, why am I headed to another conference?

The answer for me is found both through my experience and in Scripture.

In the Gospels we see that Jesus went with His disciples, to different cities snd in different settings. They also talked face to face (they didn’t have Facebook), they ate real meals and interacted with each other in the flesh (crazy, I know!)

Interaction is messy, it can’t always easily be controlled and when someone falls asleep during a sermon, they may just fall out of a window and miracles may just happen! (Acts 20:9-12)

There is something about being with the people in a conference, there is something about the messy interactions that can happen and the God appointments as you meet new people and run into old friends.

Books, podcasts and DVDs are great but I can’t ask them questions, ask them to pray for me or pray for them etc.

That is why a coffee always beats a text for friendship and attending church or a conference always beats a podcast.

It’s not always convenient but it is always a richer environment.

See you soon HC13…



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